• Phone me ASAP…..705 223 9244. Tokyo Smoke website keeps saying Risk of some sort red bar across top page. Twice today I have phoned them, no answer. Bad customer practice. I had to redo my order and anyhow over a hundred dollar order they have lost. That isn’t good enough?
    I need service right now.

    Kimberly Wagg
  • If I place an order (I live in Mattawa(, would we be able to meet for pick up?) I’d pay the delivery. Or if not, I would need directions to the store. I was thinking of buying the THC/CBD oil; I have suffer from pain and depression; I did research in university about using this and I think this would be a great option (It’s the 30ml – high CBD) you have for sale. Let me know how this works. Thanks! :)

  • I have never used the chrome browser cause it’s to complicated
    Can I call in an order and pick it up

  • Sorry to bother you again but I cant find where to find email transfer


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