KANA LEAF, Cannabis Dispensary-OPENING Feb 2020

Welcome to Kana Leaf

Kana Leaf is the newest Cannabis Dispensary,  located at 2 Osprey Miikan, Highway 17 on Nipissing First Nations, just 5 minutes west of North Bay, Ontario.

We are a family run business bringing our community the best shopping experience for all your Cannabis needs. Dedicated to providing you the safest products regulated and inspected under the Cannabis Licence Act 2018 and Regulations 468/18License #CROL1164798

Our knowledgable staff and welcoming environment will help you select the right  quality product at affordable prices or feel free to order online and pick up in store.

Look for us on Leafly.ca  

See you soon!

Kana Leaf

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  • Are you open for at the store purchases tomorrow??

  • Just wondering why the Pineapple Express vial was only half full

  • 4/5 for the store… friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Asks the customers for strain suggestions which is a bit of a big deal for it being rural. Accessories etc available. Prices comparison – OCS is still going by “what’s cool” for strain names which is marketing statistics (google searches). You’ll see Girl Scout Cookies at $48ish for 3.5g, ridiculously over-priced for something that’s priced with the logic of how many google searches it got…. strange. However, MOST people freaking struggle to grow it because it’s just pesky. My only suggestion was seeing Blueberry on OCS – you should get that if it’s well priced. The good news is you don’t have to buy expensive to have the same effect, potency and quality which brings me to…

    “Aurora Daily Special” Sativa or Indica is their cheapest flower at $70 & $74 for a whole 15g, a half oz. I will say that unlicensed dispensaries haven’t matched this quality+potency for the price at nearly $5/g, mostly because there’s usually something that’s obviously wrong with the less-than-$8/g selection, seeds or otherwise and they don’t hide it… but not this grow. It has an obnoxious dusting of kief in abundance and is pungent yet refreshingly strong-but-fruity. It just seems like weed I’ve gotten elsewhere that was supposed to smell fruity would lose most of its smell before it got to me.

    *correction: smoked indica, not sativa, not editing because it only adds weight to what I’m saying (and my gfs’ comment of pain relief is like x2)…

    The effect is astounding and surprising, strong but well balanced and certainly a classic sativa profile plus a little bodily effect. I would guess a 70% sativa. You’ll be “up in your head”, talking to yourself – but not overly, it’s not grabby for all of your thoughts/attention or too unfocusing – it’s right in between where most of us like it for any effect e.g. “blitzed” or “lifted” come to mind. Its profile is even medicinal-focused to calming and happy traits, that’s what it does very well. My girlfriend even said “pain relief!”. Not many cons to speak of – but it does retain a little body in that it feels like a “heavy” sativa… it has that “relaxed” trait usually associated with indica and yet it’s a bit zippy in the mind. This is half-energizing, half-relaxing, it’s weird – and to me it reminds me of Death Bubba [a 70% indica] because of how my vision sparkles but it could couch-lock with 3 bowls – that’s the level of potency it has. I was sitting there like “it says 15-21%… that tells me almost nothing”, but it’s like that for every strain. It sure hits like it’s the 21% but maybe even more. I would have guessed right around 22-23% so realistically the 18-21% makes sense, it’s the controlled and strong effect profile that probably makes it seem harder-hitting (nope, it was just the indica), THC is not the only factor in the effect! Its Leafly chart would say happy-euphoric-relaxed-energetic-focused. At $3x/3.5g I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t just buy this. That’s not good news for the other strains. I look at the OCS store strains, their names, and think “are they THIS disconnected to the world of marijuana?” – it’s like they tossed in 100,000 possible genomes and picked them from a hat. Just a terrible selection and squashed potential. One strain is named Boaty McBoatface. Good look selling that, what the farq lol.

    Please stay stocked up on the 15g of both. That’ll be a …. main seller. A good way to garner sales for other strains is just have the strongest shit, honestly. That Sunset, MK Ultra, White Widow (NOT 7 Acres!) were of the strongest and everybody knows about Blue Dream. They just don’t last too long on the shelves at the moment. If you want to have a solid long-term list of products where people just can’t choose between 20 strains because they’re all too good – you want to look at [all the cups] cannabis cup winners and not even recent one’s. The more you cross a strain the less potency I believe it will eventually have, I say this because landrace strains ARE the strongest strains available, they’re top-fuel dragsters and the only reason people cross them is to maintain effect control. Strains from the 90’s would still be better than today’s. Sorry, AK47 and DJ Short’s (its true origin) Blueberry are still a few notches better than other strains per strength vs. effect profile. Even White Widow that is in store, it’s nothing recent. After smelling countless strains over 15 years Blueberry is still my favourite and by a lot, it’s like a candied fruit basket and it’ll leave you with the bag to your nose. Still, though, even recent cup winners. They win for a reason. That’s the only good method of getting other strains to sell, it’s curiosity vs. medicinal traits.

    ALL flower from OCS’s partner farms will be “crackly” under pressure. This is completely normal and even justifiable when you open your kitchen cabinets, it’s just a herb all the same, it’s not like these growers don’t know what they’re doing in that regard (other things, though lol). You have to note that it smokes well enough-to-great to be justified being that dry for long-term storage. You need to ask yourself if you’d rather they give you some bullshit dank BC crap you bought in high-school because the answer is no. At least it fully retains its aroma, literally can’t get any drier and you don’t need a grinder yet is easily smoked… that’s a win. This is also 250,00+ gram batches they’re growing – not small batches AT ALL! These take a long time to process etc and then get sold. You cannot expect “fresher” product, mostly because that “fresher” product will be about the same as the dried because both were curated to the exact same level and there’s just no discernible difference any more.

    The Daily Special Sativa is one of the best “sativa” (was actually the indica) strains I’ve ever had (and for the actual sativa). It’s vaguely described, in hindsight, I think because of its high potency. I call it being utterly lazy and they’d rather you buy something more expensive. Be sure on this, though. It’s like they don’t smoke their own product. This stuff is amazing in all categories. I’ve yet to try their Indica (this was the indica) but I’m almost nervous to, I can’t see it being anymore unyielding. So I just smoked the [actual] sativa. I can’t quite even tell a difference… a few minutes it gets stronger, notably it’s placed more “between the eyes” and “blitzy” with an obviously less heaviness. You’d prefer the indica if prone to paranoia, not that it’s not comforting cerebrally, it’s just it does feel classically like a sativa that has everything happening too fast, a time slowed effect yet with a racing awareness of thought in the background. I think I would prefer this if watching a movie but the indica for playing video games. Compared to the indica it has an even heavier, in-the-eyes felt sparkly visual that’s more “fluid” like from alcohol intoxication… it’s even more unfocusing. You’d want to maybe not be doing things for the sativa, meanwhile the indica seems more functional but harder hitting for its heaviness in the body instead of the head, yet still physically more functional. BOTH relieved head and should pressure, some strains when you hold its smoke in your lungs you can feel your head/neck veins about to pop but these had an opposital effect (look at “Shiva Skunk” and its counterparts for similar effect). Novice stay away from the sativa, it’s just extreme… it’s like… gold. Better effect than the Sour D I had from BC and that’s saying a looot. Almost feels like one of the first times I smoked. The indica, more medicinal. I guess this is why they went with a really simple this-or-that route.

    White Widow from 7 acres was the only problem I’ve found through two licensed dispensaries although it must’ve been everywhere, it’ll take your breath away, something majorly wrong there, look for 5 uniform small holes in the top of buds. Suspicions lead to they were all injected with something manually because the grow flopped and they didn’t tell anyone. I told Health Canada and they didn’t respond.

    There’s a few things good going on with the store and it seems much less solid advice from comments and the majority of smokers who can’t see a “perfect” curation when it’s crumbling in your fingers yet smokes great and holds in the lungs very easily and retains its aroma. You have to understand that most farms are inevitably going to be curing for long-term storage and its actual cut-off date would be right around 1 year, why would they do anything else? This is a herb, not fruit or sea-food. Depending on how it’s stored it will either lose potency through damage (sunlight, warm areas) or it will develop (NOT “degrade”) into more of an indica feel which is from sugars and little things breaking down into other little things. If it’s so old it’s un-smokeable, doesn’t even get you high then yeah, don’t smoke that. The point is it’s the same concept as aging an alcohol to refinement with these farms, they’re always looking for the best benefit vs. long-term storage. It’s just ideal and I can’t figure out why it isn’t for whoever. My opinion is anyone saying this isn’t cured well simply hasn’t (even in “20 years!”) seen what the best possible curation looks like – do you REALLY think these old farts are curing plants better than MACHINES? Hah. There’s a difference between “crumbles but is really good”, and “crumbles because it’s crap.” There’s no “this is crumbly because it’s old!” from OCS farms in the ~15 times I’ve went. Even I hate OCS and what it stands for… but take a good look at your OCS buds and tell me they weren’t grown by the third eye of some Shiva deity we’ve yet discovered. I haven’t had a too-strong strain in awhile but the daily sativa checks that box. It’s the strongest head buzz I’ve had yet from a farm, I think. I’d guess it were a 80% sativa. TV & Music – sativa. Video games and doing things – indica. I hope this helps!

    btw there’s no tax =) Online prices are end prices. I would recommend they get a live resin to compete with online prices or offer it in-store? It just works better. If you could “press your bought strain” that’d be cool, I just don’t know about resin production and yield when this dried.

    It’s something shady to completely conceal what the customer is buying, I think. They need transparent jars.

  • Your pre rolled joints could be rolled a lot better I find,doesn’t burn right just the one side burns.. want to show use how…lol, been rolling j’s for 30yrs

  • Why are you purchasing from OCS and not directly from Aurora? No wonder it’s dry you (Kana Leaf) Are buying from OCS instead of cutting time and getting it directly from the LP?


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