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Kana Leaf Cannabis Retail FAQ




If you’re new to legal retail cannabis store or have questions, see below and you might find your answer.


  1. Is Kana Leaf Legal?


  A: YES. Kana Leaf is the first legal First Nations cannabis retail store in Ontario. You can only buy CBD, dry flower, concentrate, or any cannabis containing products from either a legal retail store or the OCS.




  1. Why don’t you buy directly from the LP’s (legal producers)?

 A:   All LP’s ship their products to a central location controlled by the OCS. Only medical patients can order directly from the LP’s. This may change in time and we encourage customers to voice their option via AGCO complaint lines.


  1. Where do you get your supplies from?

A:  All legal cannabis stores in Ontario buy their products from OCS Wholesale.  All orders go through OCS Wholesale and shipped to retail stores.


4.Do you pick your own products to sell?

 A: As a retail store we only get to select what is available every week. We do not get to pick which batch or package date.

  1. Why is my cannabis expired and dry?

A: Cannabis product do not have an expiry date and no effect will be lost due to time. Some LP’s put moisture packages in their products to keep freshness however not all do.  We encourage all customers to let Kana Leaf know if there is a problem with a certain LP. If we continue to receive the same complaint, we can switch to another LP and give you the best products available. All complaints can come to us, the LP or AGCO complaint lines. and file a complaint which is located on all  packages.  Visit   OCS for more information about legal retail stores and more.

 Health Canada recommends storing cannabis products in a cool dry place.  This will prevent the possibility of mold and spores developing.  This is how all legal cannabis is stored at OCS.


  1. How much cannabis can I buy?

 A: One individual can buy 30 g at a time. Concentrates have equivalency of dried flower which is calculated at check out. See more about the law here.


  1. Why is the legal age 21 at Kana Leaf?

 A: The Chief and Council at Nipissing First Nation made this law and is currently under review. We will keep everyone posted if the law changes.

  1. How can I pay?

A: We accept cash, debit, visa and master card.


  1. Can I order online, and have it delivered?

A: Yes and No.  You can place an order online by visiting KanaLeaf.ca.  Kana   Leaf at this time cannot deliver cannabis products. All order must be picked up at store by the person who placed the order.

 Please be kind and constructive when leaving comments. Kana Leaf does not tolerate any for of hate, racist comments, rude remarks, or making customers feel unsafe. 

Be kind to one another.


 Kana Leaf

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