Comedy for Clean Water 19+ ONLY!! Barley and Mow Pub Westboro 31 July 2022

Comedy for Clean Water is hosted by Kana Leaf Cannabis and Barley and Mow are hosting a fundraiser for a great cause.  We are raising awareness and funds to support Aboriginal communities with the opportunity for clean drainable water.

Support a solution that helps Indigenous communities address water challenges.

Sustainable access to safe, clean water in Indigenous communities continues to be a pressing issue in Canada.

Nobody understands the evolving challenges and needs more than the people who live there. Drinking water challenges are complex: in some communities, local concerns may be around infrastructure, for others, source water contamination. And numerous communities have challenges recruiting and training young Indigenous adults to join the drinking water field.


Tickets details are coming SOON!! STAY TURNED!!


With respect of the organization we are donation too, they can not associate publicly with a cannabis or alcohol entity. This means we can't not advertise the organizations. However, we do believe in full transparency and you can follow the link here>>>> Comedy for Clean Water.