Kana Leaf Cannabis Dispensary VIP Program

 Kana Leaf  Cannabis Dispensary VIP Program

  1. Gain points for every visit. These points are not based off your purchases. Collect point and use them for any offers you see in your wallet.
  1. No need to keep your perks cards. Ask a manger to add your visits that you collected and add them to your wallet.
  1. ALL discounts can only be applied to Reg priced items only.
  1. Can not combine or stack discounts.
  1. Save the sign up link below to your home screen for fast connection to your own wallet.
  1. When you receive an offer in your wallet show a budtender or cashier before you select that offer as it will have to redeemed in 30 min before it is lost.
  1. Offers will have an expire date.  
  2. In order to use the VIP Program it is required that you use your personnel phone number, preferably a cell phone as this is unique to you. 

Thank you Kana Leaf