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Best in Ottawa- Cannabis Dispensaries 2023-

Best in Ottawa has complied list of the best dispensaries based on peer reviews in 2023. The list of the best dispensaries is now updated for 2023. Kana Leaf Cannabis is making strides to be noticed by providing great customer service, delivery, very competitive prices, education, and the ability to tailer you own experience with our customer first approach. What ever you want and need we will work as hard as we can to make it happen.

Welcome to Kana Leaf Cannabis, a family owned and operated dispensary from Nipissing First Nations. Established on February 29, 2020, and was the very first legal dispensary operating on aboriginal territory in Ontario. With great support from our community and Chief and Council we can serve our community and ensure our people get safe, inspected products.

Our goal at this store isn't just about making you happy with what we have available; it's also giving back into the community by helping bridge any gaps in acceptance for cannabis among all walks of life so everyone can feel included regardless of who you are.

We hope that you will visit us soon!

Kana Leaf Cannabis ads strip, 418 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, Ontario.
418 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, Ontario

Featured in in North Bay Ontario.

From the Best in Ottawa, Kana Leaf Cannabis in North Bay has made a splash in North Bay. Read more about Kana Leaf Cannabis from Bay Today.

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Check out Kana Lead Cannabis in Ottawa and North Bay.

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