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Kana Leaf Cannabis on Twitter!

Kana Leaf Cannabis is celebrating 3 years of being open in North Bay, Ontario, Canada on Nipissing First Nations. Kana Leaf Cannabis was the very first Aboriginal dispensary to open legally on an Indian reserve in Ontario, Canada.

Kana Leaf Cannabis was also proudly supported by called Indigenous Brand to Watch. We are growing and gaining good support for all communities we serve. We not only serve the communities we operate in we help by raising money for organizations such as Water First NGO .

February 28, 2023 is the actual day of our Anniversary.

1. Kana Leaf will be there doing rosin pressing.

2. Pax engraving all week. Get a FREE PAX!

3. LP's will be on site to show case their brands.

4. Spin-to-Win! Take a spin of the wheel before purchase and see if you will recive more discounts. FREE to spin! No purchase necessary.

5. Enjoy some cake! * While supplies last*

This is a 19+ event so make sure to bring that ID.

We hope to see you all there.

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