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Sesh with KanAccessories. Kana Leaf Cannabis is now serving ALL of Canada.

Kana Leaf Cannabis is now providing all of Canada with premium accessories for that cannabis coinsure. Sesh with KanAccessories is an extension of Kana Leaf Cannabis for all your accessories needs.

Sesh is here for you, not matter where you live we have you covered. We carry brands such as Puffco Peak, Pax, Pulsar, Grva, Canadian Lumber, Storz & Bickel, Bic and RYOT.

If we do not carry it locally at Kana Leaf Cannabis you just have to order from Sesh with KanAccessories and we can ship it to you.

Sesh offers a widerange of accessories like rolling papers, grinders, pipes, bings, vaporizers, safe- storage, to ensure you have everything you need for that next Sesh..

We are happy to be able to provide all of you the chance to own leading cannabis brands such as Ryot, Kannastor, Stash Logix, Magical Butter, ans Grav. We will continue to work with other brands to bring you more accessories at affordable prices.

Enjoy shopping around very soon payments will be set up .

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