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Price Match Policy

We price match all Local Legal Dispensaries in the North Bay and the Ottawa/Westboro area.  

Regular Priced in Ottawa:

Price match all regular priced products, Ottawa

Regular Priced in North Bay:

Price match all regular priced products, plus an extra %5 off that regular priced product. (North Bay ONLY)


Sale Price:

For anything on sale at the store we will price match the total only.

We do not price match the base price that you  first see on other dispensaries menu but the total after taxes are added..



Other dispensaries 3.5g @ $35 plus HST=$39.55.

Kana Leaf will prices match and beat the total which is $39.55.

Kana Leaf base price is $35 you pay at cash is $35.

Customer must show total including taxes from the dispensary they want matched.

Can not combine price match with any other discount or coupons.


Kana Leaf Cannabis North Bay Prices.

Did you know that by shopping at Kana Leaf you can save an average of 23% of each transaction compared to other stores in North Bay?

With our prices set at the same base price as other stores and our current sales of 10% that is a significant savings.  Just try it out. Add any item to a cart from another store and see how much you pay at checkout. Yup the price you see at Kana Leaf is the price you pay, PERIOD!!

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