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Refund Return Policy

Kana Leaf Apparel

Kana Leaf accepts refunds on clothing up to 14 days after purchase. Please email Subject line should be "Clothing/Returns" in order to direct your questions to the right person. 

Cannabis Accessories:

ALL devices are non-refundable after purchase.  It is the responsibility of the customer to contact the customer support for more information of how to handle warranty issues. 

Most companies require you to have the original package, with receipt  from purchase.  All devices  should be cleaned or you might be charged a cleaning fee which is determined by the manufacture. 

Many manufactures will give you a paid postage or they will refund you the postage if their investigation finds any warranty issues.

For further information please call Kana Leaf at 705-474-2021 or call the OCS customer contact center at 1-888-910-0627 is your product is tampered with or under weight.

Before leaving the store ensure your order is correct, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Insure you received the correct change and correct items.

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